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The Wellstead Museum

The stunning property in which the Museum cafe resides, also homes the popular and unique Historic Wellstead Museum and cottages. The museum is like no other, featuring an eclectic collection of over 6,000 exhibits from yesteryear that provides a history lesson for the era. Nooks and crannies, memories and memorabilia of a bygone era that will be sure to leave the wanderer feeling exhilarated. The Wellstead Historic Museum is a premium tourist destination in Bremer Bay- you’re even guaranteed to see wild Kanagroos lazing around in the sunshine. The native birdlife is spectacular and birdwatchers will be right at home, especially with the cheeky Currawongs which abound.

To make the historic experience all the more authentic, keep your eye out for incredible Max and Marie Wellstead who still live on and manage the property. You will probably see Max building a new garden bed, fixing a fence, pottering around the vege patches or delivering fresh produce to the cafe.. (maybe even stopping in for a quick cuppa). 


Max Wellstead - 4th Generation Wellstead

The Currawong and Boobook cottages are delightful heritage listed dwellings located on the Wellsetead property, Peppermint Grove Farm. The origins of these cottages hark back to the time when the property was first settled by John Wellstead in 1850. John arrived in Western Australia with the 51st Regiment, British Army in 1840. After being joined by his wife, Anne, they and their subsequent twelve children grew vegetables and fruit, grazed sheep and cattle and established a dairy, milking 70 head of cows by hand twice a day. Three further generations of Wellstead’s have made the farm a home and to this day continue the re-development of the original crown grant farmland into an exciting and unique eco tourist development. 

The cottages were originally built from local stone, lime mortar sourced and burnt on the property and pit sawn timber also sourced and produced on the property. The Currawong was built in 1864 as separate sleeping quarters for the second generation of Wellstead boys and was known as The Boys Room. After falling into disrepair and almost a total loss it was rescued and beautifully restored by 4th generation Wellstead and current owner Mr Max Wellstead.

Boobook was built in 1854 and was originally used as sheep pens. When the second generation of Wellstead daughters matured, the largest of the pens was built up to provide a separate sleeping accommodation unit due to over-crowding in the house, and was then called The Girls Room.  This cottage was added to with suitable facilities by Max and both cottages are now rented out as holiday accommodation.



You can book the cottages here:
Book Currawong Cottage 


What people are saying


Helen, Melbourne

Such an interesting place.

"My husband usually just tolerates heritage museums, while I love them. But he was amazed by this one and while he normally goes to find a coffee while I finish looking, this time he spent even longer than me. It gets a big thumbs up from both of us."


Tim, Melbourne

I don't usually enjoy these places, but....

"Having seen more old rabbit traps and kitchen implements than I ever need to, I was only there for the coffee. With time to kill post coffee, I went for a look and was Pleasantly Surprised. Some highlights ...
For old car people there are several (near) original icons, including a Morris 1100, Morris Minor, and 1948 Holden (“FX”). And some old American cars too.
For lovers of the obscure, there is a horse-drawn hearse from Transylvania, a 1953 Tuk Tuk from Thailand and a set of old post-mortem instruments.
For musicians, the instrument collection seemed to me to be unusually eclectic.
If you haven’t seen enough old farming and kitchen implements, they are there too, but with many actually labelled so you can tell the potato peelers from the horse hoof cleaners.
In summary, this is a consciously chosen, curated and valuable collection, rather than the left overs from years of garage sales more often."

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